You're an original

I’m an original, too. I got my emoji start as a couple of punctuation marks typed together. And look at me now! I’ve got my very own GoMoji bean bag! Talk about a success story!

“Winky face” is a better nickname than “stinky face” any day of the week. You know it and I know it. Sometimes simple is best. Old school still rules when it comes to emojis.  Do you keep texts and social media posts old school, too? I can help in that department.

One thing about me that’s totally new school: I’m only available online at

Choose the Gomoji bean bag that shows the world you know a classic when you sit on it.




Keep smiling!

I don’t bat an eye when people say I’m cheesy. After all, I am yellow and smiling big for any camera in sight. There’s no denying it. My teeth are my best, brightest feature.

I’m not the only smiling emoji in town, but you don’t see many with my perfect dental work. Those braces were so worth it. 

Why am I so happy? My GoMoji bean bag pals are the best! You think we’re fun when you’re punctuating your texts and social media posts. We’re even more fun as furniture plopped around your house! Ordinary chairs don’t compare to us.

Can you picture the fun we’d have? I know I can! Pick me up at!


From A to Zany!

What’s up!?! I am! I’m up for anything that’s fun!

When you want to be silly, I’m the GoMoji bean bag you want to be your sidekick! Let’s be whacky! Let’s act crazy! If we don’t do it, who will?

I’m a special occasion emoji. People mostly use me in when they’re feeling seriously fun.  Texts and social media posts instantly become seriously fun once I show up. Your home will, too! You could use some seriously fun furniture in your life, right?  

I’m also as seriously soft and seriously cool as I am seriously fun.  

There’s one sure way to find out.


Happy to meet you.

Somebody more famous than me once said, “Smirk and the world will smirk with you.” Or something like that. A smirk or smile is a healthy, happy philosophy to live by even if you’re not a GoMoji bean bag.

You’ll make new friends everywhere you go. That’s how it’s worked for me.

I’m one of the most popular emojis around. Even parents and grandparents include me in their texts and social media posts. I bet it’s because I’ve been around as long as they can remember. They grew up smiling, too. Just like you.

Another thing about smiles: They’re totally contagious. Take a good, long look at me. Now you’re smiling, right? I bet you are!

You know what makes me smile? Friends and fun. Sharing inside jokes and being nice. Spreading more and more smiles everywhere I go. 


Who loves ya?


Wanna smooch? More like gonna smooch! I’ve been throwing and blowing kisses for as long as I can remember. Talk about pucker power!  

I’m just a romantic at heart! You are, too, if I’m a regular in your texts and social media posts. No other emoji says, “Love ya, world!” better than I do. It doesn’t matter if you’re messaging a friend or your grandmother. My wink has gotten me this far in life.

What’s the secret of my popularity as a GoMoji bean bag chair? I’m as cool as I am comfy, as sassy as I am soft. So what if I have a little bit of a crush on everything (and everyone) I see? I told you I’m a romantic at heart.

Let’s watch your favorite rom-com together. I bet it’s my favorite, too.

KISS…Keep it super smoochie!


A little naughty, a lot of fun.


I’m so misunderstood.

People see the horns and the eyebrows and automatically assume the worst about me. It’s not that I’m naughty. Okay. Fine. Maybe I’m a little naughty. 

But who isn’t a little mischievous sometimes? ;)

You’re not always a goody-two-shoes! That’s probably why I look so familiar from your texts and social media posts. It takes one to know one. But don’t sweat it. Your secrets are safe with me. Ask any of my emoji bean bag friends. I know all about them. Boy, do I!

If you’re looking for a fun, feisty partner in crime, I’m your go-to GoMoji! I’m always up for crashing a birthday party, a sleepover or a family vacation. I’m sure the two of us can stay out of trouble together. Right?

Let’s have some fun!



See me. Love me!


Everybody loves me. I’m pretty sure it’s because everywhere I look, I see something new to love. That’s the best way to live life, if you ask me.

People call me “Love” or “Lovey” or “Heart Eyes.” I show up in their messages when the word “Love” just won’t do. Or maybe they don’t have time to type out such a long word. I just love that people use me. I love that I can help out. Being an emoji is a job I love.

I love a good time, too! Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but not me. My hearts are never more than a blink away. Not all GoMoji bean bags can say that.

If you love loving stuff, we should be friends.  



Cool is in session!


School’s out for the summer. How cool is that? Almost as cool as me. Almost.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with friends — mine and yours. Beaches, pools, Hollywood movie premieres. I’m happy anywhere that includes sunglasses as part of the dress code.   

I’m the emoji that makes your texts and social media posts and comments look cool. Imagine what I could do for your home. You won’t even need air conditioning! That’s how cool I am. Those other GoMoji bean bags can’t compete with my attitude.  

In other words, “Let’s chill.”