Go brown or go home.

I go where you go!

That’s my motto, and I’m sticking to it. Some call me Stinky. Some Mr.Brown. Some Poopsie. But I prefer P.O.O.P. Plain and simple. 

I say it like I see it.

I am brown and smelly and proud. People use me as an exclamation point, or stand-alone as one big statement. Wouldn’t you like to be on the receiving end of me in a text? Do you smile when you use me? Thought so! ;-)

My favorite thing to do on a hot, steamy day is to hang out soaking up the sun and drying out. Then I take a dive in the deep end and clear out the pool. Screams and hollers of “FLOATER!” are some serious summer fun!

How do you have fun with me?