A little naughty, a lot of fun.


I’m so misunderstood.

People see the horns and the eyebrows and automatically assume the worst about me. It’s not that I’m naughty. Okay. Fine. Maybe I’m a little naughty. 

But who isn’t a little mischievous sometimes? ;)

You’re not always a goody-two-shoes! That’s probably why I look so familiar from your texts and social media posts. It takes one to know one. But don’t sweat it. Your secrets are safe with me. Ask any of my emoji bean bag friends. I know all about them. Boy, do I!

If you’re looking for a fun, feisty partner in crime, I’m your go-to GoMoji! I’m always up for crashing a birthday party, a sleepover or a family vacation. I’m sure the two of us can stay out of trouble together. Right?

Let’s have some fun!