Happy to meet you.

Somebody more famous than me once said, “Smirk and the world will smirk with you.” Or something like that. A smirk or smile is a healthy, happy philosophy to live by even if you’re not a GoMoji bean bag.

You’ll make new friends everywhere you go. That’s how it’s worked for me.

I’m one of the most popular emojis around. Even parents and grandparents include me in their texts and social media posts. I bet it’s because I’ve been around as long as they can remember. They grew up smiling, too. Just like you.

Another thing about smiles: They’re totally contagious. Take a good, long look at me. Now you’re smiling, right? I bet you are!

You know what makes me smile? Friends and fun. Sharing inside jokes and being nice. Spreading more and more smiles everywhere I go.