Who loves ya?


Wanna smooch? More like gonna smooch! I’ve been throwing and blowing kisses for as long as I can remember. Talk about pucker power!  

I’m just a romantic at heart! You are, too, if I’m a regular in your texts and social media posts. No other emoji says, “Love ya, world!” better than I do. It doesn’t matter if you’re messaging a friend or your grandmother. My wink has gotten me this far in life.

What’s the secret of my popularity as a GoMoji bean bag chair? I’m as cool as I am comfy, as sassy as I am soft. So what if I have a little bit of a crush on everything (and everyone) I see? I told you I’m a romantic at heart.

Let’s watch your favorite rom-com together. I bet it’s my favorite, too.

KISS…Keep it super smoochie!