I laugh... therefore I am awesome.

I’m ha-ha-ha-larious!

I’ve never heard a joke I didn’t like. I also love making jokes that make the whole world laugh.

I’m crazy committed to bringing joy everywhere I go. That’s why everybody calls me Tears of Joy. (That’s Ms. Tears of Joy to you!!!!. JK) Unless I’m really small sometimes. That’s when people mistake me for a boo hoo sad face. : ( 


I lighten the mood of every room I enter. I brighten texts and social media posts, too. Everybody loves me because everybody loves to laugh. If they don’t, that’s their loss.

They need to turn their frowns upside down! 

Laughing until I cry is my favorite ha-ha-ha-bby. Ob-ob-obviously. Duh. I’m also super great at practical jokes! Especially photobombing! Comedy movies are another thing I love! I’ll watch them by myself, but prefer having people with me. Somebody’s gotta make the popcorn!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! No, seriously. I don’t have hands.

I’m a bean bag full of fun. You’re full of it, too. Fun, I mean. What did you think I meant?



Go brown or go home.

I go where you go!

That’s my motto, and I’m sticking to it. Some call me Stinky. Some Mr.Brown. Some Poopsie. But I prefer P.O.O.P. Plain and simple. 

I say it like I see it.

I am brown and smelly and proud. People use me as an exclamation point, or stand-alone as one big statement. Wouldn’t you like to be on the receiving end of me in a text? Do you smile when you use me? Thought so! ;-)

My favorite thing to do on a hot, steamy day is to hang out soaking up the sun and drying out. Then I take a dive in the deep end and clear out the pool. Screams and hollers of “FLOATER!” are some serious summer fun!

How do you have fun with me?